License Management

Maintaining an up-to-date FCC license is crucial for legal compliance, efficient radio frequency usage, interference management, and adherence to technical standards. 

Ensuring a valid license is especially vital for emergency services, as reliable communication is critical during emergencies and public safety operations.

LB Comms License Management

Our comprehensive license management services encompass license application, renewal, and reinstatement. We handle securing radio frequencies and navigating the FCC licensing process, ensuring timely renewals to maintain compliance, and assisting with license reinstatement for expired licenses. Trust our expertise to keep your radio communication operations legally compliant and efficient.

License Application

We'll take care of securing your radio frequency and navigating the FCC license application process for you

License Renewal

Stay compliant and up-to-date with timely FCC license renewals managed by our team.


Revive your expired license and return to legal radio operations with our reinstatement assistance


Frequency Allocation

Secures access to specific radio frequencies for smooth and uninterrupted communication

Manage Interference

Minimizes interference with other radio users

Emergency Communication

Ensures reliable communication channels during emergencies for effective coordination of responses

Organizational Reputation

Demonstrate a commitment to responsible radio usage and compliance

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