Comprehensive Radio Communication Solutions for Public Safety Agencies

LB Comms

We specialize in providing end-to-end radio communication solutions for public safety agencies, including Fire, Police, and EMS services. Our team of experienced consultants and technicians is committed to ensuring your radio communication operations remain legally compliant, efficient, and reliable.

Our services encompass FCC license management, radio installation, maintenance, and strategic planning. We expertly handle securing radio frequencies, navigating the FCC license application process, managing timely renewals, and assisting with license reinstatement. Additionally, we offer professional radio installation, regular maintenance, and customized strategies to optimize your communication systems.

Our understanding of radio communications is informed by 25+ years in public fire service. Reliable communication for public safety and emergency services is critical. We work diligently to minimize disruptions and maintain seamless communication channels. With LB Comms, you can trust our dedication to exceptional service, public sector-specific knowledge, and a client-focused approach to managing your radio communication and licensing needs. 

Let us help you stay connected, compliant, and prepared to serve your community.

Project Management
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Employee Training
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Technical Consulting
  • System Architecture
  • Specification Definition
  • Installations
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FCC License Management
  • FRN Management
  • Administrative Updates
  • Expired License Retrieval
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  • Project Scoping
  • Problem Definition
  • Roadmap Creation
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